Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Duplication Services (Micrographics & Imaging):

The Directorate provides duplication services free of charge, but reserves the right to restrict reproduction of its materials due to condition, size, or donor’s requirements. Records may generally be copied; however, special rules may apply to particularly vulnerable records or records.

Sindh Archives provides the following duplication services:


The staff will assist visitors in duplication.

Bound records may not be copied, but book scanning may be ordered.

Upto ten pages nothing is being charged. For more than ten pages the visitors has to make payment of photocopying charges only to outside shopkeeper.

cannot supply lights, copy stands or other equipment.

Digital Reproduction

The Archives can offer a file burned to CD and/or a print. Whether or not a document can be scanned will be decided on a case-


Presently we don’t have facility to scan the maps. The Archives is working with an outside vendor to reproduce Maps. The condition of the plan will determine whether or not it can be sent out for scanning.