Saturday, April 1, 2023
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A variety of research material is available at Sindh Archives. Both primary and secondary sources are abundantly available. Apart from original material copies of archival collections of other archives like National Archives of Pakistan, India Office Library etc are also available. These archival records are related to the history and culture of Sindh in particular and sub continent in general. In addition to that a research library containing more than 40,000 books, including rare books, is also being maintained.

Main collection of this archive is Commissioner's records. Government records mainly from 1820 to 1936 have been preserved here. About 50% of them are handwritten. Most of the records are in English and about 15% of them are written in Persian, Sindhi, Urdu and Hindi. The commissioner office records dates back to early 19th century covering the period from 1820 to 1935. The quantity of this record comprises 34465 sub files.

These records contain correspondence, circulars, directives, memoranda's, exchange of notes, treaties, etc between the concerned agencies, i.e. President and Governor in Council, Chief Secretary to Government of Bombay, the Government of India, Colonel Pottenger, Meers of Sindh, Sir Charles James Napier, letters/appeals of important persons, Farmans, Pedigrees, maps etc. This material has not been sufficiently explored by the researchers. Many vistas of history are hidden in these files which are to be exposed.