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Although the literal meaning of manuscript is ‘handwritten’, the manuscripts cover all kinds of unpublished written records and may contain published and pictorial record as well.

A total of 850 manuscripts on 38 subjects are available at Sindh Archives. About 80 % of these manuscripts have been acquired from veteran scholar of Sindh Dr. Nabi Bux Baloch. These manuscripts are written in Arabic, Persian, Sindhi, Urdu and Saraiki languages. Out of them there are a number of manuscripts which are unique and a duplicate is not available. . Some interesting details about manuscripts are as under:

Ancient Manuscripts:
(a) Kitab ul Shifa Qazi Ayaz ( 737 A.D).
(b) Compilation of seven articles on history, faith and Hadith etc. ( 737 A.D.).
(c) Risala arsuluk farsi by Sheikh Zain Khawwafi (compiled in 821 A.D.)
(d) Sharah Kitab ul fiqah by Sheikh ul Islam Mufid Taftazani (900 A.D.)
(e) Ashpahani Sharah Tawale ( 943 A.D.)
(f) Waqai ul Akhbar ( 971 A.D.)