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Personal Collection
Muhammad Hanif Siddiqui
  • Born: April 19, 1904 in Shikarpur.
  • B.A., D.J., College Karachi, L.L.B., Larkana.
  • Session Judge 1950, Secretary, Law Department Larkana, Secretary Legislative Assembly, Director Institute of Sindhology.
Languages Books Periodicals
English 674 07
Sindhi 351 19
Urdu 111 10
He established Sindh Academy which was renamed as Institute of Sindhology in 1964. His collection is rich on History, Archaeology and Biography.

Mumtaz Ali Mirza
  • Born November 29, 1940 in Hyderabad.
  • M.A. Sindhi Language.
  • Producer, Pakistan Television and Scholar, Director General of Culture and Tourism Department, Government of Sindh.
  • Wrote two sindhi books. One is collection of drama in sindhi.
Languages Books Periodicals
Arabic 67 --
English 127 54
Persian 18 --
Sindhi 473 59
Urdu 207 28
  • He was a fan of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai.
  • He had a good taste of music and was interested in loke Virsa, Local Music, Govt. of Pakistan awarded him Pride of Performance.
  • Catalogue of the personal collection of Mumtaz Ali Mirza has been compiled.

Dr. Nabi Bux Khan Baloch
  • Born: December 16, 1917 in Sanghar.
  • M.A. Arabic, LL.B., M.A. Education, Ph.D. Educaiton.
  • Dean, Education, Vice-chancellor University of Sindh, Chariman, Sindhi Language Authority.
Languages Books Periodicals
Arabic 118 5 Titles
English 1718 26 Titles
Sindhi 1102 200 Titles
Urdu 1322 26 Titles
  • MSS-710, Persian, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Siraiki list prepared by Idrees Soomro.
  • Collection comprises books in all regional, national and international languages.
  • Rich in Manuscripts, Rare books and Periodicals published before partition.

Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil
  • Born: December 24, 1900 in Karachi.
  • M.B.B.S. 1925 from Brand Graduate College.
  • Prof. Pharmacopeias. He represented Pakistan in WHO. He was a Sindhi and Urdu Poet.
Languages Books Periodicals
English 452 22 Titles
Sindhi 3160 35 Titles
Urdu 1322 26 Titles
Govt. Publication English 3799 Urdu 23 Titles
  • Ibrahim Khalil was a medical Practitiioner, Psychologist but had a taste of poetry.
  • In Eleventh Sindhi Conference he was awarded title of Taj-ul-Shura.
  • His book Rahnuma-i-Shairi (Grammar of Poetry was publish third time as “Gulistan-e-Sukhan”.
  • He was President of Jamiyat-e-Shura of Sindh in 1946.
  • His collection is rich on periodicals, specially on Medicine, Psychiatry and Govt. publication before partition.

Zafar Hassan Syed
  • Born: August 14, 1937 in Hyderabad.
  • M.A. Geography from Sindh University.
  • He was a literary person, wrote stories, articles, worked as journalist.
  • First collection “Raheen-e-Qarz” published in 1981.
  • He issued a journal ARSI.
Languages Books Periodicals Newspaper
English 726 216 15
Sindhi 314 156 --
Urdu 450 136 29
  • His collection is rich on periodicals and News Papers.
  • Books are mostly on Literature.

Jhamandas Bhatia
  • Born: 1878 in Shikarpur.
  • B.A., D.J. Sindh College in Karachi, 1919.
  • Head Master, Schools in Shikarpur, Kundiara, Principle College Shikarpur.
  • Member Royal Society of London.
Languages Books Periodicals
English 1500 11
Hindi 100 --
Sindhi 1632 37
Urdu 150 --
  • There are 50 Manuscripts in the collection.
  • Letters 1000
  • Photos 100.
  • He wrote many books in Sindhi and English.
  • He edited “Sindhu” magazine.
  • His collection is rich in books published before 1900 and has books in Hindhi, Sanskrit languages also.
  • Books on comparative religions and literature are more than other subjects.

Syed Shams-ul-Hassan
  • Born: 1887 in Braile, India.
  • He got Education in Agra & Braile and was attached to Wazir Hasan, Secretary Muslim League.
  • He was office Secretary Muslim League Office in 1914. Assistant Secretary Incharge of All India Muslim League Central Office.
  • He was handed over all Muslim League record by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. After his death record was transferred to National Archives of Paksitan.
  • Library remained with Khalid Shams-ul-Hasan, and Khalid added many books in it.
  • He published DAWN and Manshoor in 1941 and 1947.
Languages Books Periodicals
English 3890 not counted yet
Sindhi 29  
Urdu 2532  
  • It has a Manuscript “Dewan Fakir Muhammad Khan Goya”.
  • Kalam-e-Faiz, written by famous poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
  • Two albums with pictures and verses, original writings of Mulana Abul Kalam Azad and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan are there.
  • Letters of G.M. Syed to Jinnah.
  • This collection is very rich on literature, History and Freedom Movement of Pakistan.

Nabi Baksh Ghulam Muhammad Qazi
  • Born: 1923 Rohree.
  • B.A. Bombay University, 1944, M.A., 1946, M.A. Education, Ph.D., Germany, 1956.
  • He was Professor of Persian, Head of the Department, Sindh University, Prof. Persian, German, Director Institute of Languages, Registrar, Sindh University, Additional Secretary, Honorary Professor, Cambridge University, Chairman Sindhi Adabi Board.
  • Honoured J.C.M. Gold Medal for Persian, 1944. P.I.B. Gold Medal, 1946. Chancellors, Gold Medal, 1953.
Languages Books Periodicals
Arabic 90 --
English 323 3
German 63 --
Persian 342 4
Sindhi 56 6
Urdu 62 1
  • This collection is rich on Islam, German Language and Literature.
  • Personal Archival Record consists of 64 files, Certificates, Degrees, Autodiaries, Letters, Address, Pictures, Invitation, Faxes and e-mails.
  • Oral Archival Records Lectures, Address, Series Lectures on Radio Pakistan.
  • 22 Manuscripts of Persian are valuable and 75 letters also increase the value of collection.

Professor Sharif-ul-Mujahid
  • Born: July-1926 in Madras.
  • A veteran scholar in freedom movement Quaid-e-Azam.
  • Founder Quaid-e-Azam Academy.
  • Founder Chairman, Journalism Department University of Karachi.
  • H.E.C. distinguished Professor.
  • Awarded the President of Pakistan on best book of Quaid-e-Azam
  • Awarded the President of Pakistan for his academic contribution over the past five decades and intellect expertise professor Mujahid AIZAZ-E-KAMAL FAZILAT in 2001 and Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2006 by the Government of Pakistan.
  • 2615 most important History on Tehreek-e-Pakistan (English & Urdu).
  • 72 total rare books in English on All-India Muslim League.
  • 45 rare books in urdu Freedom Movement on Pakistan.
  • 1200 newspapers clippings most important as the Deccan Times, Comrade Weekly, The Morning News, The Dawn News, The Light, The Bombay chronicle weekly, The Star of India, The Observer Weekly, The Statesman etc.
  • 24 Newspapers and articles they are most important on freedom movement on Pakistan.
  • Photos (A album of rare photograph of Tehrik-e-Pakistan).
  • His collection is rich on newspapers clipping, rare letters, newspapers articles and periodicals.